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Chadormalu Robotech Team

Team Member

Name: Pouya Mansournia
Data Of birth: 1993-05-28
E-mail Address:
Responsibilities: Team Leader, Electronic , Organization
Name: Mona Yeganedoust
Data Of birth: 1994-03-02
E-mail Address:
Responsibilities: Mechanic , Maintenance and production
Name: Farzad Aghaeizadeh
Data Of birth: 1993-07-11
E-mail Address:
Responsibilities: Software
Name: Shayan Khorsandi
Data Of birth: 1997-09-15
E-mail Address:
Responsibilities: Software

Team Description

In this paper the Chadormalu Research Center (CRC) Rescue Robot team from Chadormalu Mining & Industrial Company and its robot explained.
we have designed and built a first new autonomous robot, developed our Tele-operated robot and a new autonomous flying robot for different situation and arenas and local map, where other devices are attached: LRF sensor and kinect camera , GPS Sensor for Flaying robot mapping.
our main goal of this activity is to achieve a practical rescue robot for real situation such as earthquakes and Mine accident and flying robot use mapping/tour the mine for Chadormalu Holding.
some research programs on autonomous mobile robot such as: autonomous flying robot in the landing on the rescue robot, automatic victim detection with neural network algorithm, Simulation localization and mapping (SLAM), In the first event for RoboCup jointed Full Autonomous Quad copter Robot with Rescue Robot.

Rescue Robot

Rescue Robot Completed one month later.
Comming Soon.

Flying Robot

Flying robots play an important role in the research and development of air that counts, because human access is not available anywhere on Earth, with flying robots can be its information environment, and the location details gained Flying the robot, we computer via radio module is designed by the team that has a comfortable user to control robots and robot differs from most birds, it is fully automatic, depending on the environment, is to help the laser scanner.

Junior Soccer Robot

RoboCupJunior is a robotics event for elementary and high school students that provides a consistent challenge from year to year, with very open ended rules. In the SoccerB events, 2-on-2 teams of autonomous mobile robots play in a highly dynamic environment, tracking a special light-emitting ball in an enclosed, landmarked field.