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About Ardakan Pelletizing Complex

Ardakan Pelletizing Complex Specification

Plant capacity 3.4 Million tons per annum
Location Km 25, Ardakan-Naein Highway, Yazd, Iran
Plant area 602 Hectares
Start of Construction September 2004
Start of Production September 2007
Investment Total 2100 Billion I.R.Rials (including 108.4 M.USD as foreign currency and 1684 Billion I.R.Rials as Local portion)
Power consumption 20 MW
Natural gas consumption 16000 m3/h for industrial and office services
Water consumption Process: 13 Lit/Sec. Potable: 2 Lit/Sec. Irrigation: 45 Lit/Sec.
Machineries and equipment Totally 16241 Tones (including 10953 Tones (67.5%) local portion and 5288 Tones (32.5%) foreign portion by a consortium of KOBE Steel Japan, ABB Switzerland and TAIM TFG. Spain.)
Steel Struction 3300 Tons of Steel structure for Industrial & Semi-Industrial buildings
Area of office, residential buildings, Utilities and Infrastructure 23469 M2
Potable and process water transfer pipe line 27 Km
Irrigation water transfer pipe line 11 Km
Natural gas transfer pipe line 600 M
Electrical power line from TORKABAD substation 18 Km
In-site constructed railroad 18 Km
Green area plantation 430 Hectares
Raw material requirement 3.4 Million T/Y of iron ore concentrate 24000 T/Y of lime stome 24000 T/Y of bentonite
Product specification Iron ore oxidized pellets with the average size of
Average size 9-16 mm in diameter
Fe Content 66%
Cold compression strength 300 Kg per pellet
Employment 500 Direct employees 5000 indirect employees