Chadormalu | چادرملو

About Chadormalu Mine

Product Specification

  1. Iron Ore concentrate(Pellet Feed),67/5 Norminal
  2. Annual Production Capacity,7.5 million tons
  3. Practical Production,10.5 million tons

Granulated Iron ore(Lump Ore & Fine Ore):

Annual production capacity,1.2 million tons

.Phosphor (Apatite):Nominal annual

Production capacity,140.000 tons

Mining Specification

  1. Iron Ore Deposit:400 million t
  2. Minable deposit: 320 million t
  3. Average Fe-content of the Iron ore of mine:55.2X
  4. Average P-content of the Iron ore of Mine :0.94 X
  5. S-content :0.1 g
  6. Stripping ration :2t 1(w/o)
  7. Total product of Fe-concentrate over the life time of min 200

Mine and Beneficiation Plant

Chadormalu deposit has some 400 million tons of resource and 320 million tons of reserves split between northern and southern ore bodies with average Fe-and P-Content of 55.2% respectively 0.9%.

The Commercial Reserve according to Long term Mine Planning is 360 Mio ton.

With consideration of 10% Mining Losses the Minable Ore is estimated to be approximately 320 Mio tons.

The deposit has three main components, Magnetite, Hematite and Apatite which its phosphorous act as disturbed element, based on ratio of Hematite to Magnetite the iron ore body has been divided into oxidized and non-oxidized parts.

The Oxidized part consists mostly of Magnetite.

Some 300 Million tons of resource is oxidized and 100 million tons of resource is non-oxidized.

The mining operation would be scheduled 12 million tons annual ore feed to beneficiation plant and around 1 million ton annual lump ore (high Fe content and low phosphorous) production.

To follow this schedule there are needed to exploit around 30 million tons ore and waste per year.

The Beneficiation Plant at the time being comprise four Lines but the fifth line is in under construction.

Mine discovered: 1940
Exploration works from geological investigation, air born magnetic up to detail exploration: 1963 – 1978
Total Core drilling: 36,500 M
Drillings for water recourse investigation: 4,700M
Geological Ore reserve: 399 Mio ton
Economical reserve: 320 Mio ton
Average Fe – grade: 55.3%
Average P – content of Ore: 0.94%
Average S – content of Ore: 0.19%
Average stripping ratio: waste/ore: 1.5
Recent annual ore excavation: 12 Mio ton

Mine and Company History

The Chadormalu anomaly has been discovered in 1940. The primary and the detail mine evaluation study completed by 1979. After establishment of National Iranian Steel Company, NISCO, the mine has been handed-over to NISCO. In 1989, the Plan & Budget Organization did approve the ChadorMalu Mine Project within the category of National Development Projects.
The general project development was started by 1992 and the industrial civil works begun in September 1994. By August 1996, the Plant was ready for start-up. The full-scale under-test production started in 1998. Providing power through the national power network and by final connection of national railroad project to Chadormalu in 1999; the actual full-scale commercial production has began in April 1999.

Where Is Chadormalu Iron Ore Mine?

Chadormalu is located at center of Persia (Iran) Desert, at north of gray chahmohammad mountains. At the south of Saghand salt marsh, at the 180Km of north eastern of Yazd and 300Km of south of Tabas city, where no human life effects can be seen except Chadormalu members.
The Mine is connected to the Iranian Rail Road network and Via Asphalt Road to the Main Yazd – Mashhad, Road.