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Sister Company

Sister Company

Iranian Ghadir Iron & Steel co.

In order to advance the iron and steel industry of Iran and in line with the twenty year plan for economic and social development, Iranian Ghadir Iron and Steel Co. established in 2006, which was made possible with cooperation of Iranian mines and mining Industries Development and renovation organization (IMIDRO) and with the share of Ghadir Investment company, Chadormalu Mining & Industrial Co. (CMIC) and Iran Alloy Steel Co. Ghadir DRI plant with annual capacity of 800,000 tons sponge iron with the aim to fulfill the needs of melting and casting units of the Yazd province and other steel producers of the country established. It is located in an area of 86 hectors, with a distance of 25 kilometers from the city of Ardakan, Yazd Province and beside the Chadormalu Pelletizing Complex and Arfa Iron and Steel Co.

Arfa Iron & Steel co.

Cooperating to complete the production chain in the region, and to strike a balance among the raw material and products and market supply; Increasing the quantity and quality of products; Collaborating, supporting, and if necessary partnership in the creation of upstream and downstream industries; Collaborating and interacting with steelmaking plants across Iran provided that it could benefit both parties; Conducting research and struggling to increase productivity and promote quality, and to use cutting-edge technologies that are adaptable to the conditions at home; Continuous and useful training in line with company objectives; Creating real jobs through expansion of activities; Trying to maximize the profitability of the subsidiaries to maintain and supply the shareholder resources.

Sarmad Iron & Steel co.

Introduction: SARMAD Company has been established in March 2012 with the joint venture between two major industrial companies, Chadormalu mining & industrial Co and Mines and Metals Development Investment Company (MMDIC). Sarmad Iron and Steel Complex began operating its rolling mill unit with a nominal capacity of 450,000 tons of reinforced bars of 8 to 32 mm in December 2016. Currently, construction of Wire rod mill with capacity of 400,000 T/y and steel making plant with capacity of 600,000 T/y are the two expansion projects running in Sarmad Iron and Steel Complex

Shahrood Steel co.

Kavand Nahan Zamin Co.

Kavand Nahan Zamin(KNZ), is an international mining subsidiary of Gol e Gohar Industrial and mining company and belongs mainly to Gol e Gohar- ( and Chadormalu mining & industrial company( The company was established in 2012 for development and expansion of mining activities domestically, and internationally; in areas of trade, ownership, joint investment. exploration, excavation, and processing. Since start of its activities, the company has successfully jointly owned, explored, excavated and built and put into operation a copper leaching plant in Saveh,Iran; also has under construction a Direct Reduction Sponge Iron plant in Ravar near Kerman- Iran; and has purchased 80% share of Borley mine in Karaganda of Republic of Kazakhstan in central Asia and is currently involved in erecting a pilot plant in Borley mine. KNZ has also studied possibility of investing on mines in Tajikistan, Sultanate of Oman , Uganda , Morocco , Sudan and Afghanistan.

Waste water system project

Production capacity: 2,900,000 cube meters annually Total investment: 1939 billion Rials Total physical progress: 100% operation: Feb 2018

Investment In shared Persian Golf water supply and transfer Company

Investment In shared Persian Golf water supply and transfer Company (shared 22.2%) General specifications: Geographic location and Process area: The First Section: From portable and process water west of Bandar Abbas to Sirjan Golgohar mining and industrial complex about 303 km. The Second Section: From Sirjan Golgohar mining and industrial comples to sarcheshmeh copper complex in Rafsanjan about 154 km. Third Section: Yazd Ardakan as well as chadormalu mining an industrial branch about 510 km. The purpose of the project The main purpose of the project is transferring deasalinated water in phaseaut 650 billion cule metetesl to the industries south east of the country and supplying water for the producing companies and their develipment plans (Sarcheshme, Golgohar and Chadormalu complexes).