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About Us

Chadormalu mining & Industrial Co.
(Public Joint Stock Company)
The Most Dominant Iron Ore Concentrate (Pellet Feed) Producer in Iran.


Chadormalu Mining and Industrial Company is the main Iron Ore Concentrate producer for Iron Making by Direct Reduction in Iran.
Beside of Iron Ore concentrate the Company Produce also up to 1,000,000 ton/year crushed Iron Ore for using in Blast Furnaces in Iran as well for Export purpose.
The Company was established on June 1992, as a Private Joint Stock Co. Later, on 21st April 2003 the legal status of the company changed to Public Joint Stock Co. and has been registered on Tehran stock exchange.


Number of shares6,000,000,000
Initial value1000 RLS
Capital amount6000 Mio RLS

Capital Changes:

Date of General MeetingDate of EntryIncrease Capital Amount (M. Rials)Capital (M. Rials)Financer
1994/08/021994/09/2579,99080,000stockholders receivable
1997/08/041997/10/24260,000340,000stockholders receivable
1998/12/021999/01/2240,000500,000stockholders receivable
2004/12/232005/06/13250,000750,000stockholders receivable & cash
2004/12/232005/12/28250,0001,000,000stockholders receivable & cash
2007/01/222007/05/081,000,0002,000,000stockholders receivable & cash
2010/05/31-4,000,0006,000,000stockholders receivable & cash

Expansion Project:

Company Target is to increase its annual Iron Ore concentrate Production to 8 Mio ton.
For realization of this purpose Beneficiation Line 4 is under construction and Line 5 is going to be established.
Besides of above Expansion Projects, CMIC established a Pelletizing Plant which is under construction and is Located near Ardakan with access to the Rail Rood of Chadormalu – Isfahan.
The capacity of the Plant is 3.4 Mio ton per year and is Planned to be commissioned in first quarter of 2007.

ISO & Integrate Management system:

The certificate of Management System (ISO9001:2000) was issued on 2003/03/06, under supervision of London Lloyds' Co. and has been updated to new version (ISO9001:2008) on 2010/02/03.
The other system related to IMS such as Environmental Management System (EMS) (ISO14001) and Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OHSAS18001) and also Integrated Management System (IMS) was issued on 2010/02/03, under supervision of London Lloyds Co..
All above systems are renewed yearly, based on surveillance audition and continuous training programs.
This company is going to implement the new system based on ISO27001 and integrated it to other systems (IMS).


CMIC is also shareholder of following Plants established in Behabad Area approximately 60 KM from Chadormalu
A: Kavir phosphate Co. for producing Phosphoric acid and Fertilizer by using Chadormalu Apatite concentrate.
B: Reagent production Plant for production of reagents used in Chadormalu Plant.
C: Foundry Plant for producing wear parts, Grinding Media (Balls) for mills etc.

Development and Partnership Projects:

The first and second (final) stage of development projects and construction of Ardakan Pelletizing Plant with 3.4 million annual capacities being carried out. Meanwhile to job creation in neglected desert area and to supply material, machinery parts for production plant the Chadormalu Company has attempted to partnership (20% shares) with private companies in the following plans:
1- Ball mill and casting parts production with Behabad Sanat Yazd Company.
2- Chemical material production with Arounpad Company.
3- Acid Phosphoric and Chemical fertilizer production with Kavir Phosphate Fertilizer Company.

Research and Development Unit (R & D)

Result of activities in this unit is 13 executed plans and 9 under execution plan.
In Recognition environment protection and observing environmental standards, the main performed activities are follows:
1- Improving remedy of procedure system, decreasing chemical products: carbonate, collector and flocculants.
2- Performing research project toward application of waste materials in mineral product
3- To prevent environment pollution; replace ALKE742FL for ASAM for better analysis and remaining in environment.
4- Increase recovery for decrease waste materials in plant and replacement of magnetic drums MIMS instead of LIM magnetic drums.
5- To decrease pollution of environment from dust, take action for waste scattering on pile
6- Decrease energy consume in production line from 63.1 kw per hour for each ton production in 2004 to 3 and 56 in the year 2006 and 8 months of 2007 to 57.9 kw per hour.
7- Decrease water consume from 0.74 cubic meters for each production tone in year 2002 to 65 in the year 2006 and in 8 months of the year 2007 to 0.61 cubic meters for each production tone.