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Welcome to Chadormalu mining & industrial co. web site

Chadormalu mining & Industrial Co. (Public Joint Stock Company)
The Most Dominant Iron Ore Concentrate (Pellet Feed) Producer in Iran.

About Us:

Chadormalu Mining and Industrial Company is the main Iron Ore Concentrate producer for Iron Making by Direct Reduction in Iran.
Beside of Iron Ore concentrate the Company Produce also up to 1,000,000 ton/year crushed Iron Ore for using in Blast Furnaces in Iran as well for Export purpose.
The Company was established on June 1992, as a Private Joint Stock Co. Later, on 21st April 2003 the legal status of the company changed to Public Joint Stock Co. and has been registered on Tehran stock exchange. ...

Chadormalu products:

1- Iron ore concentrate as main product:
- The annual design capacity by Fe 60% feed ore is 1.7 Mio ton for each line.
- Due to several modifications and improvement depite of decrease of feed Fe grade to about 55 – 56% the annual capacity of each Line has been increased to 2.1 Mio ton.
- Total concentrate produced in 4 existing lines is 8.4 Mio ton annually.
- On up completion of line 5 which is under construction and will be commissioned in January 2012, the total annual Iron Ore concentrate Production will be increased to 10.5 Mio ton.
2- Phosphate (Apatite) concentrates as by product: Three lines are also equipped for producing Phosphate concentrate. The Annual total capacity is 140 thousand tons.
3- Lump and Fine Ore production: Total annual capacity for lump and fine ore is 1.2 Mio ton.
4- Pellet production: The nominal design capacity of Ardakan Pelletizing Plant is 3.4 Mio ton. ...